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Tally up your answers to see whether you got mostly A’s, B’, C’s or D’s and then scroll down to see your travel personality and ideal travelling Pacsafe match!

Mostly A’s

Adventure Chick

You’re a street smart, off the beaten track type of woman.  With the curiosity of a cat you like to explore and end up knowing any country like the back of your hand. There’s no holding you back and you’ll try anything once. The more off the wall it is, the more you want to try it. You like to experience the culture, eat like a local, live like a local and leave with a handful of new friends – be it other travellers you’ve met along the road or locals you’ve bonded with. Your adventurous stories and experiences are ones that you’ll be sharing for years to come. 

The Venturesafe™ 20L is the one for you. Available in bold Tabasco or classic Black, this rugged yet stylish bag is perfect for week long breaks away, yet small enough to stash in a bigger backpack for day trips exploring the sites. Let the eXomesh®slashguards, Smart Zipper Security™ and slashproof carrysafe® straps give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to go further than you ever have before.


Mostly B’s

The Free Spirit

Sporty and young at heart nothing gets you down. You like to shoot the breeze and are content either catching some rays, swimming in the deep blue, scaling a cliff face or sky-diving. If it gets your adrenaline pumping, then it’s for you and as long as you’re able to follow your instincts without commitment or being tied down, even better. You’re the type of woman who gets back from travelling and is instantly planning the next adventure.

Check out the sporty, easy Toursafe™ sling and backpack. This convertible number is perfect for those who want to do everything and more. It can be worn as a backpack or slung over the shoulder for an easy day out. eXomesh®slashguards, Smart Zipper Security™ and slashproof Carrysafe® straps ensure that while you’re out living life to the max, your gear’s deterring thieves from grabbing your valuables out from under you.


Mostly C’s

The Classic Beauty

Like Audrey Hepburn, you’re a woman who never goes out of style. You know what you like, have the determination to go for it and you won’t settle for less. A traditional beauty, you dress to impress and travel to trendy cities and exotic must-see destinations. Whilst backpacking isn’t even something you’d consider, you still like to soak up the culture, see the sites, dine in a gourmet restaurant and unwind in the comfort of a hotel room.

No classic beauty is complete without her Toursafe™ Handbag. The overstitching and leather badge detailing exude simple, understated sophistication.  Available in Taupe, Black and Tabasco, the sleek handbag is surprisingly spacious and offers organisational compartments for all your essentials. Equipped with Pacsafe’s smart anti-theft technology, you’ll even be able to strap your bag around the leg of a chair in a Parisian café to ensure bag snatchers won’t make off with your valuables.


Mostly D’s

The carer

You’re a strong, practical woman with a soft edge. You tend to think of others before yourself and are always prepared to help. Your bag isn’t just your lifeline, it’s a lifeline for anyone who needs your help be it an emergency band aid, mosquito repellent, a pen to cover a scuff on a shoe, a child’s favourite toy, or a map to help tourists with directions. If you’re not a mother by now, you’ll be one soon. You love to travel, but you prefer to travel with others and you tend to choose your destinations dependent on what you think everyone else will enjoy rather than what you where you want to go. You’re a woman who leads by example and always stay one step ahead of everyone else.  You’re attention to detail and planning skills ensure that any trip you take will be one to remember.

Keep everything in check with the Citysafe™ Travel Tote. This oversized bag can hold all those extra essentials and the easy organisational compartments help you find things when you need them with ease. The rear slip on the back of the bag helps to take a load off by letting you slide the bag over your wheeled luggage handles.  What’s more, while you’re attending to everyone’s needs you can trust Pacsafe’s anti-theft security features to help look after you and your gear. 


Mostly E’s

The business road-warrior 

You’re a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. You’re as ambitious, as you are curious about new places. Unfortunately, your passion for work doesn’t afford you the luxury to get to as many places as you’d like to. However, whenever you’re away for work, you make sure you try to see the sites and soak up some culture. Whilst you’re all about business and sealing the deal, just remember to let your hair down, enjoy some ‘me’ time and explore when you switch off. 

As your trips are never too long, the Convertible carry-on bag, Metrosafe™ 400, would be the ideal professional travel companion. Perfect for both business and pleasure, this bag can be whatever you need it to be. With a 15.4” padded laptop compartment, pockets for documents, room for clothing and the fact it can be either a backpack, brief or over the shoulder bag makes it ideal for whatever situation you find yourself in.

eXomesh security system
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