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Pawi's Pixel Frenzy

Pawi's Pixel Frenzy

Pawi went off again for Christmas, but his photos came out a little blurry. Guess which landmarks he went to this time? The first person to guess correctly by emailing us at marketing@pacsafe.com or posting on Facebook will win a new 2012 Pacsafe product! We’ll be posting a photo on this page and on our Facebook page from the 16th – 20th January, 2012 so stay alert and get guessing!

Each day will have a different prize – one new product from each of our 2012 series - , but to get you excited and in the mood we’ll be giving away the following:

RFID tec 200, RFIDsafe™ blocking ticket wallet that will protect your personal information from identity thieves
Metrosafe™ 250 GII an anti-theft shoulder bag that fits an iPad / tablet or netbook . All our GII lines now come with an RFIDsafe™ pocket to keep information on credit cards and passports safe from identity thieves
Slingsafe™ 200 GII anti-theft cross-body bag. The new sport-inspired Slingsafe range boasts a fun, fashionable print liner! 
Venturesafe™ 32L anti-theft adventure travel backpack. The largest backpack in our popular adventure series!
Citysafe™ 400 GII  anti-theft  hobo travel bag. A great oversized stylish bag that holds it all and more!


Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Day 5


Day 1: Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Day 2: Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Day 3: Stone Henge, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England

Day 4: Mt Fuji, Japan


Day 5: Lotus Temple, Delhi, India

Thanks to all for playing! We hope you had fun! Pawi's tallied the hundreds of emails and Facebook guesses and the winners are (in order of the days): Shelly Johnson, Michal Domagala, Niklas Per Weckesser, Mark Lee and Joan Macawli. Congrats to you all and we'll be in touch soon!

March Madness Captions

March Madness Travel Competition

Get creative and crazy this month and write us a funny caption for our travel photos to win a new Pacsafe® GII product!  Pacsafe® will be posting a travel photo every week in March on our Facebook fan page and on our website.

Simply post a funny caption in the ‘comments’ section on Facebook or email us at marketing@pacsafe.com with your creative caption and we’ll pick a winner every week. Go crazy and post as many captions as you like!

We’ll be giving away 4 backpacks:


Metrosafe™ 350 GII

Head out for the day with this lightweight, serious pack that keeps everything within easy reach.

Venturesafe™ 32L

An essential travel companion to take on the plane for long weekends away and meets maximum international carry-on standards.

Citysafe™ 350

Tired of lugging rugged, oversized backpacks around? This petite lightweight backpack not only looks great, its also durable, practical and secure.

Slingsafe™ 300

The daypack seamlessly blends functionality and fashion with a fun day out and about.





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