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General rules and regulations

Please read these competition rules carefully. If you enter one of our competitions, we will assume that you have read these rules and that you agree to them. Please note that Outpac Designs Ltd. are the makers of Pacsafe® and will hereby referred to as such:

  1. This competition is being run by Outpac Designs Ltd.
  2. This competition is intended to be open to any eligible person but Outpac Designs Ltd.  gives no warranty or representation that taking part will be lawful in any particular territory or country. Intending participants should therefore check to make sure that the laws of their own territory or country do not prohibit their taking part in competitions of this kind. Outpac Designs Ltd.  accepts no responsibility or liability for the non-availability of any our competitions or resulting prizes due to local prohibitions.
  3. Competitions are not open to Outpac Designs Ltd. employees (or members of their immediate families).
  4. Only one entry per person.              
  5. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.
  6. The winner/s will be selected by Outpac Designs Ltd.  and their decision is final.
  7. The closing date is as specified, and Outpac reserves the right to amend the   competition end date at any time.
  8. Outpac Designs Ltd.will endeavour to send prizes within a month of the competition end   date but cannot guarantee this delivery time.
  9. If you win the competition, we will notify you by e-mail. The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. By entering the competition entrants agree that their submissions can be used as promotional material by Pacsafe® as they require and entries will not be   returned.
  11. The panel of judges will be comprised of members of the Pacsafe® marketing team.
  12. No part of the prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
  13. Outpac Designs Ltd. reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Outpac Designs Ltd. may also create rules which will apply to a specific competition only. If we do this we will publish the amended competition rules and/or specific competition rules on the relevant competition page.
  14. In the unlikely event of a dispute, Outpac Designs Ltd.’s decision shall be final.

Tipped to Travel - CLOSED

We're searching the world for the best travel tips out there! Think you're in the know? Think you've trodden the road less travelled one too many times? Have you turned packing into an artform? Or know a secret way to get upgraded? Whatever your secret tips are to travel, we want to know! Simply, post your tip on our Pacsafe Facebook Wall or email the crew here at marketing@pacsafe.com. We'll be selecting the top 3 travel tips on the 30th September, 2012. What's in it for you? Other than being the most tipped in traveller, you'll receive a mystery anti-theft adventure kit and of course a claim to Pacsafe fame.




Out top 3 tips in no particular order were chosen on their originality, creativity and cunning! Each winner will receive a Venturesafe 25L anti-theft backpack, Venturesafe 100 anti-theft hip pack and a walletsafe 80! 

1) Cameron McManus: "What that cool can of beer but don't have a fridge? Put it in a wet (clean) sock and hang it in a tree for about 30 minutes. Even a gentle breeze will get it to the right temperature

2) Kathy Fink: "For getting what you want from an airline gate agent: wait until a gate agent has handled a rude or irate customer. Be the next customer in line. Approach the gate agent and say something like , 'i'm sorry that customer was so difficult, it makes me mad when I see and hear people acting like that. I need your help with something and I will appreciate anything you can do for me.' Then use this moment to ask for an upgrade, seat change, or whatever else you need. Another option is to sit close to the gate agent desk and listen as customers ask for seat changes. When you hear a couple wanting to sit together but can't, volunteer to help if it means you getting a better seat. Something this means premier seats for free!

3) Oregon Shoshana: "To decrease theft or loss of items when your suitcase is in transit and out of your control, use your eXomesh bag protector to hold your possessions *inside* the suitcase's internal frame. Your things can be inspected if necessary, but casual theft is made much harder and if your bag is damaged, you're less likely to lose anything. If you have easily damamged clothing or small items, pack everything in your day pack, stuff sack or pillow case before placing it in the eXomesh.


We had so many great, insightful tips that we decided to commend the below 5 tipsters with a Venturesafe 50 anti-thetf digi-pouch and Prosafe 750 key-card lock:  

1) Jonathan Freedman: "When  shopping in South East Asia always haggle 75% less than the opening price, then settle for 50%."

2) Kris McCoy: "If you have a liquid that just doesn't come in a small size but you never need too much of it to get you through a trip (moisturizer, eye make-up remover, acne cream, vaseline etc..) buy a cheap contact lens holder and fill the cups with the liquid. You can carry one or two liquids per contact lens container and it saves a ton of room. The outsides can even be easily labelled. "

3) Maria Quilliam: "For trigger-happy photogrpahers: Carry a small notepad and pen with you and before you start taking photos in a new destination, write down the name of the city / building/ place or persony ou're taking a photo of in the note pad and then take a photo of it. That way, once you've downloaded the photos on to your computer at home, you'll know what each photo taken was of, as each group of photos will be preceded by a photo of the detailed notepad page." 

4) Debbie Block: "Print business cards with monetray conversion charts. they can be accessed easily when making purchases."

5) Amy Boemer: "It's always packed outside the arrivals gates at an airport, but the departures are usually clear. Get your party to pick you up at departures instead. It saves a lot of time and frustration."

 If you are one of our well-travelled, tipped in winners please email us at marketing@pacsafe.com with the subject ' Tipped into Travel Winner' and we can arrange your prize for you.






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