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2014 Travel Resolution Results

2014 will be a year full of travels. We received over 100 destinations for 2014, some were new places to visit, others were returning to past places, while some were reconnecting with loved ones. We were inspired by all your travel resolutions. Congratulations to the top 3 most creative and original travel resolutions!

  1. I have been to Japan twice but i was not able to see a single cherry blossom flower. I dreamt of seeing this beauty and i wish i can fullfill it this year with my family. I want to inculcate the value of travel to my kids since there is a certain degree of education from travelling aside from the memories you create and weave from them. I want them to learn different cultures and respect each others beliefs and traditions. I am looking forward to more travels with my husband and kids this year and i wish it can be fulfillied.
  2. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2014 is the Year of the Horse; my birth sign! As Chinese mythology states, the horse is an independent traveller with an energetic and happy outlook on life....so my resolution is to fully embrace these attributes and embark on an exciting adventure to the land of great mystery - China. Taking in the karst landscapes in Guilin, the iconic Great Wall, magnificent terracotta warriors in Xian, coming face to face with pandas in Chengdu, and exploring the ancient cultural legacies of the Chinese dynasties. With Pacsafe as my trustworthy companion, I know this will be one resolution I'll never regret making!
  3. We are inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games in making our travel resolution this year. We would like to take our family to a former Olympic host city (ie. London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome in Europe, or Vancouver, Los Angeles, in North America)..

Congratuations to Maria Suyen L. Magallanes, Gill Saunders, and Jill Bradshaw!

Thank you all who participated!

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