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EOCA Turtle Foundation Launch
Pacsafe Sovereign Art Foundation School Prize

EOCA Turtle Foundation Launch


Pacsafe in conjunction with the EOCA need your votes to help get funding for WIDECAST’s sea turtle rescue mission in the north of Costa Rica!

The beach at Pacuare, in the north of Costa Rica, is an important nesting site for leatherback turtles and green turtles - the rare hawksbill turtle looks for this stretch of beach in order to lay their eggs. However Questionable fishing methods, poaching and pollution have greatly affected and depleted the turtle population here.

Your vote to help get funding for this project will help protect this important sea turtle nesting site. Funding will go towards  bringing local people and volunteers & scientists from around the world together to train them as rangers, build hatcheries, plant trees and collect data to monitor the nesting sites, as well as work on deterring poachers.

Voting opens on the 17th March and ends 31st March!

Photos by: Ben Hicks (http://www.benjhicks.com)

Turtle Rising

Baby Turtle

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