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Carrysafe® 100 Anti Theft Camera Strap
Pacsafe Retail US$30.00
With the Carrysafe® 100 anti-theft camera strap, you'll be able to snap safely away without having to worry about strap slashers slicing your camera strap and running off with your DSLR. You can even use it on binoculars or a carrying case.
anti-theft features   specifications
• Slashproof carrysafe® strap
• Turn & lock strap hook™
additional features
• Non-slip, movable neck pad
• Universal webbing connectors fit most cameras and
• Spring-loaded metal clips with locking mechanism allows
  strap to be quickly clipped to the camera case without
  removing webbing connectors from camera
• Neoprene sleeves cover joining clips for maximum
  camera protection and security
• Minimal branding doesn’t draw attention to camera
travel tip
  Smart Camera Travelling Tips: 1) Keep a list of your equipment and where possible note down the serial numbers. 2) Label your equipment and make your mark on it. Thieves aren’t likely to take something which can be identified. 3) Camera straps. Replace branded straps with a non-descript slashproof strap 4) Keep camera equipment in low-profile bags that don’t bear camera brand icons 5) Lock and secure. Keep your camera bag strapped to a secure fixture like the leg of a chair or even on an airplane under your seat to prevent snatch and grab thefts.
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