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Travelsafe (model # PE000BK, PE001BK, PE002BK)

Do you make a Travelsafe large enough for laptops?

Yes, the Travelsafe 12L and the Travelsafe 20L which fits into the Daysafe 200. The Travelsafe 12L and 20L are big enough to secure your 15.4" laptop.

Daysafe (model # PA060, PA061)

Are the Daysafes fine to go through US baggage screening machines?

We have been travelling extensively with the Daysafes in the US and all over the world for over a year without even a raised eyebrow. Occasionally, we get asked what it is and told "what a great idea" by baggage screeners but there is no issue with the stainless steel wire.

If you look at the x-ray screen images, there is no distortion of the contents. There are only a few metal items that aren't permitted on airlines and these are sharp objects or weapons.

Our suggestion is to keep it unlocked until you pass through the x-ray in case there is something else inside they wish to inspect - this will save you the hassle of unlocking it if required.

Pacsafes (model # PA000NT, PA001NT, PA002NT, PA003NT)

Which Pacsafe model do I need?

To calculate the volume of the item to be secured, please multiply the length, by the height by the width.

Pacsafe anti-theft backpack & bag protectors are designed to fit almost every type of backpack, soft-sided wheeled luggage, and duffel bags. For maximum security, calculate the volume of the item to be secured and choose the correct Pacsafe according to the following guidelines:

Pacsafe Model Name Model # Volume of item to be secured (LxHxW)
Pacsafe 55L PA000NT 1550 - 3400 cubic inches / 25 - 55 Litres
Pacsafe 85L PA001NT 3400 - 5200 cubic inches / 55 - 85 Litres
Pacsafe 120L PA002NT 4600 - 7200 cubic inches / 75 - 120 Litres
Pacsafe 140L PA003NT 6000 - 8500 cubic inches / 100 - 140 Litres

NOTE 1: The Pacsafe model name is based on the maximum number of litres the model will fit to make it easier to remember volume and sizing.

NOTE 2: If the customer intends to attach gear to the outside of a pack (e.g. sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, etc.), then add approximately 1000 cubic inches / 16 Litres per item to the total bag / pack volume.

How do you fit the Pacsafe to a backpack so that you can still wear the backpack?

The Pacsafe secure backpack and bag protector is designed so that a Backpack can still be worn with the Pacsafe secured. When the Pacsafe is attached, you will notice a piece of small plastic tubing located on the Pacsafe mesh near the location of the waist harness on either side. The waist harness simply passes between the mesh where the tubing is located and the thicker draw wire before it is cinched tight.

If you want the Pacsafe mesh to remain tight, it may be necessary to undo the webbing attaching the shoulder straps and feed it through the Pacsafe netting. Alternatively, you can simply loosen the Pacsafe net (by going down a few beads on the draw wire) until the pack sits comfortably on your back.

What do the airlines think?

In most countries, it is perfectly acceptable to lock you gear up with your Pacsafe before checking in. If in doubt, ask the staff at the check-in counter. If travelling to/from/within the United States, we recommend that you leave the Pacsafe off your luggage during air transit (or at least wait until it has been inspected and permission has been given to lock your luggage).

It should be noted that the Pacsafe was originally designed as a destination product for use in accommodation, public transport, left luggage areas, trailheads, etc.

Does the wire get caught while in airport transit?

Loose lengths of webbing, straps and handles are what get caught between moving conveyor belts and conveyor drums. When a Pacsafe is correctly fitted to the correct size pack/luggage, and the draw wire is wrapped in a stowed position (fed and wrapped around itself), there are no loose pieces that can get caught by the conveyors. It's important that the Pacsafe model is fitted tightly around the bag or pack it is designed for. The Pacsafe was demonstrated to baggage handling supervisors at LAX (and other airports) with no objections raised. In fact, it was noted that the Pacsafe would reduce the potential for airport transit pilfering and luggage damage.

Note: If the Pacsafe is not tight on your luggage it may get caught on other baggage - To ensure that this does not happen request a plastic bag from the airline check in counter when checking your luggage.

Is the Pacsafe difficult to get back in its storage bag?

Read the easy to follow instructions and you will be surprised at how easy it is to pack in the storage bag.

How long does it take to put a Pacsafe on your pack?

Once you know how easy it is, you will have it locked and secure in a couple of minutes.

Can I order a replacement storage pouch for my Pacsafe?

Please contact us directly for information on how to get a replacement pouch for your Pacsafe. Be sure to tell us what model you purchased.

Pouchsafe (model # PE123, PE124, PE125, PE126)

Should I remove the Pouchsafe when go through airport security checks due to the metal wire?

Yes, just like you would a regular neck pouch without the slashproof wire or a belt, wallet, keys, etc.

Coversafe (model # PE102, PE103, PE104, PE105)

Should I remove the Coversafe when go through airport security checks due to the metal wire?

Yes, just like you would a regular waist wallet or belt without the slashproof wire or a belt, wallet, keys, etc.

Stashsafe (model # PB020, PB022)

Should I remove the black plastic heat shrink on the belt?

No. This is an integral feature of the original design as it holds the tension of the belt to stop it sliding whilst wearing it.

General FAQs

What luggage locks should I use when travelling to or from the US?

We recommend using the new TSA (Transport Security Administration) accepted Travel Sentry™ locks which we will be available from us as from 1st January 2005. If you do use a regular lock and the TSA needs to inspect your luggage when you're not around, they have the right to cut the lock off your bag.

The Travel Sentry™ Certified locks have a special identification mark (diamond logo) and code which are recognized and accepted by the TSA. When, the TSA staff at all US commercial airports see this mark, they use the code and secured tools to open the lock and re-lock it after inspection.
For all information regarding the TSA's regulations in the US, please choose "TSA Locks" from the "quick select" drop down menu.


What is eXomesh?

eXomesh is a revolutionary "interlocking security system" developed to be at the core of Pacsafe's line of travel security products. eXomesh combines lightweight and flexible high-tensile stainless steel mesh, cable and crimps, bullet-proof polycarbonate lock links and next generation nylon laminate technology to create a safety cell around your valuables.
eXomesh has been branded to endorse the unique security features and R&D at the heart of the Pacsafe products compared with competitor's equivalents. Please click on the eXomesh logo at the bottom of the screen for further information or visit www.exomesh.com.

Is Pacsafe packaging recyclable?

Packaging is an integral part of our products and the first point of contact with our brand for the consumer. It helps convey product information and aesthetically looks pleasing. Here at Pacsafe we have a clear line of responsibility for the environment to ensure where possible environmental policies and goals are being adopted. In 2004, we have modified our packaging and we are now using polypropylene that is 100% fully recyclable.

How can I take care of my Pacsafe products?

We recommend that all our products be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent, and air-dried in the shade.

Do you have a catalogue?

Yes we do have a catalogue and would be happy to send you one, please note that the catalogue contains less detail than our web site. To be mailed a catalogue, please contact us and be sure to include your address.

Why is there is a slight difference in the bag I just purchased and the products shown online?

At Pacsafe, we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best possible anti-theft products and occasionally make minor in-line changes to existing products. The images on the product pages of this website show the latest version of the product.

Prosafe Padlocks

How do I reset the combination?

Instructions are included with every combination lock, however if you have lost them, please refer to our instructions which can be downloaded at the respective product page. If you have set the combination once, you will need to remember this combination when resetting again (i.e. replace the 0-0-0 in the instructions with the combination you chose).


What is RFID identity theft?

RFID micro chips can be found in your passport, credit cards, bank cards and ID cards. Each chip emits radio transmissions which can be read and downloaded by thieves without you knowing by using a hand-held RFID-reader from up to 10 ft away. Reduce your risk of identity theft with our award-winning RFIDsafe™ passport and credit card protector.

How do I know if my credit, bank or ID cards are at risk?

Your cards will have a small micro chip in it that looks like this:

How do thieves steal my information without me knowing?

RFID readers can be bought easily and cheaply online by absolutely anyone. Identity thieves use this hand-held device to tap into the radio transmissions and literally read the data on your passport or cards.

What information can identity thieves access?

All the information on your passport including your name, date of birth, digital photograph, issue and expiry date as well as biographic information. On your cards they can access your account name, issue date, expiry date and account number.

How does an RFIDsafe™ passport and credit card protector work?

Pacsafe’s RFID-blocking wallets and accessories use a special award-winning RFID-blocking material. The unique material blocks transmissions and stops RFID readers from gaining access to your personal information and data.

eXomesh security system
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