Backpacks – 200-300

Travel and commute with complete peace of mind when you carry a Pacsafe backpack. Our patented anti-theft technology creates the perfect travel backpacks. With a range of secure straps and locking cables it’s easy to secure your backpack to yourself, or a handy immovable object, making it impossible for opportunist bag thieves to take advantage of a snatch and grab. The perfect backpack for travel as well as the daily commute, as you can be sure that your valuables will stay where you have placed them, leaving you free to fully enjoy the moment, or relax on your way home from a busy day at the office. 
Pacsafe backpacks give you peace of mind in seconds, with 3 easy to use security features. The turn and lock security hook firmly fix your bag to another object in a meter of seconds. The PopNlock security clip act as a secured buckle to prevent bag thieves. And, the additional versatile locking cable helps avoid gear thieves. Not only that our wide range of travel backpacks are all guaranteed cut-resistant bags. Made from high-quality cut-resistant material, you can be sure that all of your valuables are safe and protected from theft at all times. Our range of backpacks is designed for both men and women. The Metrosafe X is an epic, anti-theft men’s backpack made from recycled PET. It’s extremely comfortable to carry and fits everything you need for a day in the city, including your laptop. Furthermore, it is carry-on compliant, making it the perfect backpack for travel. The Citysafe is our most popular women's anti-theft backpack. With room for a 13” laptop, and other daily essentials, it’s perfect for those who love to combine security and functionality with effortless style.

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