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About Pacsafe Backpacks

Our patented anti-theft technology creates the perfect travel and everyday backpacks. Want to take a quick nap on the train or leave your table at the café for an important phone call? Secure your bag around a fixed object so it can't be stolen using our PopNLock security clip, TurnNLock security hook, or locking cable. Our backpacks also include lockable zips, so it’s less easy for anyone to open your bag. That’s not all, we use cut-resistant technology to further ensure that your valuables and bag are protected.

The last thing you want to worry about while traveling is losing your valuables! Our range of travel packs and carry-on backpacks are all equipped with the best anti-theft features you need to protect your valuables while you’re exploring and making new memories. Backpacking, camping or island-hopping, you’ll be able to fit everything you need on your back with the Venturesafe EXP45 Carry-On Travel Pack.

We also have many commuter backpacks and crossbody bags that are perfect for daily use around the city.  Whether you're riding on a bike to work, or commuting on the train, you’ll be able to find versatile and functional gear suited for your needs.

The Vibe collection is an epic, anti-theft unisex collection made from recycled PET. They’re extremely comfortable to carry and fits everything you need for a day in the city.

The Citysafe CX is our most popular women's anti-theft backpack collection. It’s perfect for those who love to combine security and functionality with effortless style.

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