Laptop Backpacks – color-lakeside-blue

Keep your laptop full safe and secure when traveling and commuting with the Pacsafe laptop backpack, with patented anti-theft technology. For many people, the laptop is a key part of their day to day life. It’s how you communicate with friends and family, and an outlet for your creativity, or maybe it’s the main way you study or earn a living. A laptop is not only expensive, but it is also important, and so you should keep it protected and as safe as possible.  Our travel laptop backpacks each come with 3 easy to use security features. With the turn and lock hook, fix your bag securely to another object. Use the PopNLock security clip as an additional secure buckle. Plus the versatile locking cable acts as an additional deterrent to bag and gear thieves. You can be sure that your laptop is secure at all times, giving you complete peace of mind.  The Pacsafe laptop backpack is the perfect choice for work and business travel, due to their sleek and professional design. Your laptop book bag will look perfectly in place in the boardroom, Pacsafe backpacks are the perfect choice for those who love to combine security and functionality with effortless and professional style.  The Metrosafe X is an epic, anti-theft backpack made from recycled PET. It’s extremely comfortable to carry and fits everything you need for a day in the city, including your laptop. Furthermore, it is carry-on compliant, making it the perfect backpack for business travel. If you’re looking for a bag to simply keep your laptop protected and secure, the Intasafe Anti-Theft 15" Laptop Slim Brief is perfect for on-the-go professionals. It perfectly fits a 15" laptop, phone, passport and more, with organization compartments to keep everything sorted and of course patented anti-theft technology

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