Slingpacks – color-coastal-blue

Our anti-theft sling bags and crossbody sling bags are ideal if you want something lightweight to carry on excursions. The collections span different size packs, including waist packs intended for everyday use during vacations, or slightly larger sling backpacks that can fit a laptop or iPad Pro. No matter whether you are traveling on busy buses and subways or commuting on a motorcycle, we have the right pack to keep your valuables safe and you don’t have to worry about your bag being pickpocketed or stolen.
Our highly water-resistant sling bags have a built-in organization, are made from durable materials and come with security features as standard. The sling packs are engineered with patented Pacsafe anti-theft features such as lockable zippers that shut your sling pack tight, crossbody sling bag straps you can fix to immovable objects, plus RFID blocking pockets to protect your credit cards and identity cards from unwanted scans. The bags are well laid out in design and thoughtful in its creation typically offering you the option to lock the main compartment to secure your most valuable items such as passports, credit cards, wallet, and keys while allowing you to use the smaller secondary pocket as a fast-access pocket for maximum convenience. Made from strong fabric and tough straps all our anti-theft sling bags come with a 5-year warranty.
We also believe that bags should be made in a way that helps preserve the beauty of our planet. We’ve pledged to use recycled materials for all new anti-theft sling bag collections where possible. We’re also increasingly remaking our most popular sling backpacks and sling bags in sustainable fabrics as well. It’s part of our goal to eliminate all virgin plastic from our supply chain by 2025.

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