August 05, 2017 3 min read

Road trips are always great fun to look forward to as they offer the perfect time to set out on a long, laidback drive with the best company. However, planning one can be a daunting task – we might even miss out on a thing or three. To ensure that you are on the right track, here are a few road trip essentials you should have on your checklist.

1. Extra clothing
Whether it’s a day trip or a long weekend, be sure to pack a reasonable amount of clothes. Since you will be in the car most of the time, having a couple of comfortable tops and undies on hand would come in handy if you are staying out of town.Specially made with Roobar locking system and TurnNLock hooks, the multipurposeCitysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack is ideal to store clothes and personal belongings safely throughout your trip. The bag is also great for its anti-theft technologies like the eXomesh® and Carrysafe® slashguard strap, which are essentially flexible, steel wire mesh. These cutting-edge materials prevent your items from falling out in the event of a slash-and-run theft, making traveling a breeze!

2. Snacks
The best way to avoid any hangry comrade is by bringing a significant amount of tidbits. Instead of chowing down fast food, pack a few simple and healthy snack options to yourroad trip packing list such as crackers, granola bars, nuts and seeds. Plus, it is much cheaper than purchasing them at gas stations!  

3. Travel Games
As fun as road trips are, long journeys can be exhausting – especially when you’re stuck in a packed vehicle. Travel games are great to keep the traveling momentum going and the driver alert. Classic car games like License Plates, I Spy and 20 Questions are suitable for all ages and they keep complaints to a minimum.

4. Navigation
Planning your routes ahead by using apps like Waze and Google Maps is a great way to avoid traffic or roadblocks. Nevertheless, always print a backup map of the roads that you’ll be traveling through, which will come in handy in times of technical difficulties or limited network coverage. As an alternative to GPS, a traditional map will do as well! 

5. Charger or power bank
With plenty of picturesque sceneries to see and capture, you’re also going to need a standby charger to keep your devices fully charged. A car charger and a power bank are usefulroad trip essentials to have for navigation purposes and when you’re out exploring. 

6. Sanitation Items
As showers may not be readily accessible at your convenience, remember to pack plenty of wet tissues to clean and freshen yourself up on the go. Packing extra paper towels, toilet papers and hand sanitizers are important in case of motion sickness (and personal duties) rather than relying on rest areas and gas stations. 

7. Swiss army knife
You may never know when you need this handy tool. The Swiss army knife is one of the bestroad trip essentials to have on hand as it’s super versatile. You’ve got a bottle opener, key ring, magnifying glass, screwdriver, scissors, tweezer, blade, fish scaler and more all in one tool.

8. Good music playlist
A long-distance drive is never truly complete without a playlist. To keep the energy revving high, a good Americana road trip playlist – which includes Eagles’Hotel California, Red Hot Chili Peppers’Californication and Lynyrd Skynyrd’sSweet Home Alabama – will definitely put everyone in the mood to jive and belt their hearts out! 

9. Spare money
It’s always safer to keep some spare cash when you travel lest you get stranded in a rural area with no ATM machines around. To safeguard your travel money and cards from potential thieves and frauds, store them in thePacsafe Citysafe™ CX Wristlet Wallet. This innovative wallet is designed with RFIDsafe blocking pockets and materials that protect your personal details and credit cards.

10. Emergency kit
During a road trip, there are bound to be minor accidents. A good rule of thumb for your outdoor excursions is to carry a compact first-aid kit with anti-bacterial cream, ointments, bandages and pain relievers in case of sprains, nicks and scrapes.Equipped with outstanding anti-theft technologies, the limited edition Pacsafe Citysafe TS350 Anti-Theft Backpack is a versatile carry-on to bring along. Not only is it spacious to fit your emergency kit, it is made with eXomesh® and Carrysafe® slashguard strap that help deter potential cut-and-run thieves or rogues, especially when you are attending to your injured peer. To keep your gear in place, you can use the TurnNLock security hook to secure your bag to a fixture.

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