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Join the Pacsafe family with our premium affiliate program, offering an 8% commission on sales.

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Are you a sustainable or solo traveler?

If you are, we want you to join our program. Being a Pacsafe affiliate, you will earn a 8% commission, get 60 day cookie tracking and have the opportunity to collaborate with us.

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8% Commission

When you are a Pacsafe affiliate, you will earn 8% commission on sales. Whereas Amazon only offers 4% commission on sales. That means you will earn an extra $8 on a $100 order being a Pacsafe affiliate. 

60 Day Cookie-Tracking

Pacsafe’s affiliate program offers 60-day cookie tracking. When comparing that to Amazon, they only offer 24 hours. Allowing your more indecisive followers have 59 extra days to make YOU money. 

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