July 07, 2017 2 min read

Whentraveling on a budget, more often than not, we throwstyle out the window as we opt for practicality. But who says you can’t rock airport fashion like a celebrity or stay at a 3-star hotel on acheap vacation? It all comes down toplanning ahead and prioritizing what’s worth splurging on and what’s not. So here’s our guide on how you cantravel in style while on a budget.
Be on point(s)
Become a rewards member with airlines you frequently travel with to earn points and in turn, use them to book flights and accommodations. You can also earn travel points from your credit cards! The points accumulate as you travel and before you knew it you might qualify to redeem a flight ticket or a hotel room for zero dollars!

Fly high
You can travel with abudget airline without compromising comfort (or style). Book your flight well in advance to maximize your savings and use that extra cash to upgrade your seat later. There are plenty oftravel apps that can help you search for cheap flights, even if you don’t yet have a specific travel date.
Dress the part
With the right pieces of clothing and accessories, you too cantravel in style like Jessica Alba or Miranda Kerr – without going on a pre-vacation shopping spree. A pair of tight jeans, black booties, and a comfy long-sleeved t-shirt can make you look effortlessly stylish. Don’t forget your jacket and if you must, your favorite hat too and voila, a jet-setting fashionista is born!

Keep calm and carry on
Complete your airport style with on-point check-ins andcarry-ons. Pack your stylish travel wear into the rugged and lightweightPacsafe Toursafe™EXP29 Anti-theft Wheeled Gear Bag. Look and feel like a travel aficionado with a thoughtfully designed carry-on such as the elegant Pacsafe Citysafe™ CX Anti-theft Crossbody Bag, or thePacsafe Venturesafe™ 200 GII Anti-theft Travel Bag that comes with five anti-theft security features including an RFID-blocking pocket. The eXomesh® slashguards and Carrysafe® slashguard strap protect against bag and strap slashers, while the dual release security buckle allows you to lock your bag to a secure fixture.
Don’t slum it – glam it!
Budget traveldoesn’t mean you have to stay in a 16-bed dorm with 15 noisy strangers. If you are planning to spend a lot of time relaxing in your hotel room, opt for an apartment where you can cook your own meal with local ingredients. If you don’t, opt for a budget boutique hotel. Either way, you cancheck out Airbnb for cheap rentals.

Dine in style
Set yourself a budget for meals for your entire trip and stick to it. You may want to spend half of the budget onstreet food and the rest of it on a fancy dinner for your last night. One trick to save on meals is toeat like a local. Not only that street food is one of the most authentic and vibrant ways to experience the local buzz, it is also cheap. Ask your taxi drivers or hotel concierge on where they would go for a meal with their friends, hence they won’t lead you to tourist trap restaurants.

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