How to Run Your Own Photoblog

Creating a photography blog (or photoblog) has never been easier. All you need today is a smartphone and a connection to the internet. By merely typing the word “photoblog” in your favourite search engine, a plethora of websites appear at your fingertips. Selecting the site right for you is easy and highly subjective, as each site has its own aesthetic. Once you’ve decided which blogging platform is right for you, the real fun begins: actually running your photography blog.
Post Your Best Images
This is a no brainer, but in order for a photoblog to be successful you need to post quality images. They don’t need to be perfect (because, let’s face it, perfection does not exist) but they need to be good. In a photoblog no one cares about bad cellphone images, or selfies. The people want pleasing images. Give them what they want.
Post Regularly
Posting pictures on a daily basis, around the same time every day, allows your viewers to look forward to seeing your work. It creates viewer loyalty. They know that each day at a specific time they have a rendezvous with your new picture. If your work is good and if you post frequently people will keep coming back to your photoblog.
Photoblogs are a great way to document the evolution of your photography. Under every image you post, write a paragraph or two about what you were trying to achieve with the photo, what went wrong and what went right. This has two benefits: first, you will improve your own skills, which is the whole point of a photoblog. Second, your viewers will more easily be able to connect and react to your images.
The community that gathers around your work will most likely react to your work, and for it to grow, it is important that you respond to them. Having conversations with people who both admire and criticise your work is constructive and will help you improve. Furthermore, engaging helps create a relationship with your supporters which in turn mean they will come back to see your future work.
Be Patient
Your first images won’t be your best, and at first, only a few will get to see your photos. But with some perseverance and some dedication you will quickly find that every day more and more people appreciate what you do. That is because with every post, your work gets better. The “hard work pays off” mantra is no joke.
With these simple tips, take the first step and create your own photoblog!
Adrien Vatel
Adrien is a photographer out to prove that the world is beautiful one picture at a time. Check out his snaps on Instagram.

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