April 15, 2017 4 min read

Ask any ardent traveler and they’ll tell you the best way to experience local culture is to choose locations that are not jam-packed with tourists. In other words, skip top tourism destinations like Paris, London and Milan and look for something a little moreoff-the-beaten path. Take anunplugged vacation and visit some of the bestoff-the-grid destinations before word gets out.

Naxos, Greece
The next time you’re in Greece, consider taking a ferry to its nearby island, Naxos. On the marble white island, opportunities to experience Medieval Greek are aplenty in local villages like Chalki. Naxos also prides itself with its seafood, and you can get the freshest catch in fishing villages like Apeiranthos.
What to do:The largest island of the Cyclades has plenty to offer, but one of Naxos’ famous landmarks is its striking (but unfinished) Temple of Apollo. Tourists often gather there during sunset to capture scenic views. Go for a stroll at the Agjos Prokopios, one of the best beaches in Greece, and bury your toes in soft white sand as you bask in the island’s beauty. Before leaving, swing by the Archaeological Museum of Naxos and Geological Museum of Apeiranthos to learn more about Greek culture.
What to pack: A holiday in Naxos means you’ll be spending most of the day under the sun, so bring lots of SPF with you. If you’re planning to go to the beach, don’t forget your beach essentials. Keep your belongings safe with thePacsafe Venturesafe™  EXP65 Anti-theft 65L travel pack. The travel bag is equipped with a one-padlock Roobar™ locking system, eXomesh® slashguard and a stainless steel locking cable to help to secure and protect your items from opportunistic theft.
Where to stay: Hotels in Naxos come in all sizes and styles and of varying quality. If you’ve got the budget, try residing in the newly opened five-star Naxos Island Hotel or Nissaki Beach Hotel. But, if you’re a little tight on money, you could go for Xenia Hotel Naxos or Pension Irene 2 – they’re both affordable and cozy.

Namibia, Africa
Namibia may be the fourth largest country in Africa, but it isn’t often traveled to. Here you’ll find volcanic mountains, epic dunes, the capacious Namib Desert – the second largest on Earth – and Namibia’s bleak but stunning Skeleton Coast. Once a place exclusive to intrepid safari goers, it now boasts a plethora of luxe lodges, all showcasing the diversity of its landscape and wildlife.
Where to stay: Hostels are hard to come by here. However, Namibia’s oldest backpackers hostel, The Cardboard Box, strives to give the same warm Namibian service that made them one of the most popular stays in the city.
What to do:Start your day by hiking 148 meters up the burning orange sand dune to watch the most spectacular sunrise at Dune 45. Then, make your way to Swakopmund for a thrilling quad bike joy ride through the curves of the Namib Desert. You should also try sandboarding and paragliding while you’re there.Forget about the Grand Canyon; instead visit the second largest one in the world – Fish River Canyon – to enjoy stunning vistas that span as far as the eye can see.
What to pack: A good map or GPS is essential when you’re traveling in Namibia. Opt for a quality pair of binoculars, too, as you’ll be doing lots of animal and bird watching. Bring a sturdy backpack like thePacsafe Venturesafe™ X40 PLUS anti-theft 40L multi-purpose backpack for the safari rides. It is lightweight and comfortable to be carried around, making it the perfect bag for outdoor adventures.

Margaret River, Australia
No doubt Byron Bay is a stunning destination when it comes to surf and sand, but that’s not the only coastal town in Aussie that’s worth a visit. Perth’s very own Margaret River has lots to offer too: there’s world-class pinot noir, lush Eucalyptus forests, exhilarating surf spots and the best truffle-growing industry that make it an ideal destination for both sports enthusiasts and foodies.
 Where to stay:From luxurious chalets to snug B&Bs, Margaret River has it all. One of the best stays in the region has got to be the Grand Mercure Basildene Manor. Blending old world charm with contemporary comfort, this luxe manor is conveniently close to the wineries, cafes and recreational spots, perfect for those who wish to indulge in comfort and convenience.
 What to do:Rain or shine, there is an abundance of activities in Margaret River. Water sports are a must here; try sea kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding and surfing when the sun is shining. You can also opt for scuba diving lessons here, but if you’re afraid to go underwater, try snorkeling first. On rainy days, delve into the spectacular underworld of a cave and be amazed by the massive labyrinths decorated intricately with limestone crystals.  
 What to bring: Bring your swimwear and other gear along if you’re planning to do water sports. ThePacsafe Venturesafe™ X30 anti-theft adventure backpack has a built-in raincover and a water-resistant portable safe insert, making it the perfect travel backpack for this occasion.
Put those maps and travel guides away and prepare to get lost in these stunning off-the-grid locations.

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