January 25, 2018 3 min read

It’s not difficult to see why Hong Kong is a food-lover’s paradise: local food is incredibly affordable and accessible, and dining at acha chaan teng (a simple HK-style restaurant) ordai pai dong (an outdoor food stall) offers an authentic experience. Whether you’re visiting Hong Kong for a few days or have lived there for years, here are the top 10 foods everyone needs to try.

  1. Char Siu

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Pop into anycha chaan teng and you’ll findchar siu on the menu. Served on its own, with rice, or in a soup, this barbecued pork is sticky, slightly sweet, and oh-so tender.
  1. Wonton Soup

Whether you’re looking for a snack or a full meal,wonton soup is a great go-to. These fresh dumplings are filled with ground pork, shrimp and green onion, served in a clear soup with bouncy noodles.

  1. Hong Kong-Style French Toast

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This artery-clogging breakfast consists of two thick pieces of toast with peanut butter spread on the inside. The toast is battered, deep fried and served with a stick of butter and topped with as much syrup as you’d like.
  1. Hong Kong Milk Tea

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What better way to wash down that french toast than with a creamy glass of hot or cold milk tea? You can find milk tea at every turn, but head to a localcha chaan teng for the tastiest, most authentic version of this around.
  1. Dim Sum

Typically eaten for breakfast,dim sum consists of a range of dumplings served in bamboo baskets. For a truly local experience, head to one that serves its dim sum from a cart instead of a menu – just be quick, as the crowd favorites get snapped up fast. Some of our favourites includeSiu Mai (open-topped dumplings filled with ground pork and shrimp),Lo Mai Kai (chicken and mushroom steamed in glutinous rice), and the very essentialChar Siu Bao (steamed BBQ pork bun)!

  1. Curry Fish Balls

Image credit: Thisgirlabroad

A popular kind of street food, you’ll likely see locals hungrily eating these fish balls drenched in a curry sauce out of styrofoam bowls on the sidewalks. These chewy, fragrant, bite-sized delights are the perfect snack in between meals and will only cost you around HK$10.
  1. Egg Tarts

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These little pieces of custard-filled heaven are found in most local bakeries. We prefer the ones with a flakey filo-pastry crust that melt in your mouth, though if you prefer, you can definitely find ones with a denser pie crust.
  1. Claypot Rice

Image credit: http://thewoksoflife.com/2014/03/hong-kong-style-clay-pot-rice/

What better way to cure the winter blues than with a piping hot pot meal filled with rice, various meat, and vegetables. You’ll know you’ve found a great bowl of claypot rice when the rice at the bottom of the pot is fragrant and perfectly crispy.
  1. Eggettes & Waffles

Image credit: Thisgirlabroad

Nestled in with the food stalls that serve fish balls is where you’ll find made-to-order eggettes and waffles. While the eggettes are tasty, we prefer the waffles which are topped with your choice of butter, peanut butter, sugar, and condensed milk.
  1. Pineapple Bun

Don’t be fooled by the name: these pineapple buns ironically have nothing to do with pineapples. The name comes from their crispy and crumbly pineapple-like top. Though you can find these sweet buns in most local bakeries, order one at acha chaan teng where you’ll be served a warm, fresh bun with a slab of butter in between.
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