7 Most Relaxing Destinations You Need to Visit

October 15, 2015 3 min read

Are you ready to relax on your next trip abroad? Peace and solitude is not limited to white sandy beaches; in fact, city dwellers also find a nice time at streetside cafés while sipping a latte. In order to unwind, travelers must feel safe and find it easy to navigate around town. From beaches to concrete jungles, these are the most relaxing destinations you need to visit.
Gold Coast, AustraliaThe Gold Coast is a 75-kilometer coastline containing beachside towns located footsteps from the ocean. From the airport, travelers can reach the coast by bus or taxicab. For a slow-paced vacation, head to Coolangatta or Burleigh Heads. Here, locals surf, snorkel and sip on cold beverages at beachside cafés. It’s near impossible to get lost as main towns sit between the ocean and the Gold Coast Highway.
Southern ItalyScenic Tuscany landscape at sunrise, Val d'Orcia, ItalySouth Italian life moves at the same speed of a cultivating tomato plant. Experience sunny days, afternoon siestas and seafood dinners, then enjoy roaming quaint Italian streets and coastal towns. The Mediterranean lifestyle is as romantic as the locals. Whether you find relaxation at a café or a beach, you are sure to find some R&R in south Italy.
PatagoniaiStock_000008934715_SmallFor those who love nature and hiking, explore the expansive Patagonian landscapes. From snow-capped mountain peaks to glacial-blue lakes, Patagonia’s picture-perfect sceneries are as relaxing as your desktop screensaver. Patagonia is ideal for those who enjoy secluded and peaceful landscapes. Viewing the sunrise or sunset in the mountains is one of the most quintessential experiences in Patagonia.
IcelandiStock_000058393384_SmallReykjavik is the perfect city for relaxation. It’s a smaller city with plenty of cafés to keep locals dry and warm throughout the dark and wet months. Plus, Reykjavik has an impressive literary scene including writing workshops, poetry slams and bookshops. Reykjavik’s backyard is nature. Relax in the Blue Lagoon’s thermal baths or book the Golden Triangle tour to see an array of waterfalls and wild horses roaming free throughout the volcanic landscape.
MaldivesiStock_000017979750_SmallFor a traditional relaxing beach vacation, book a trip to the Maldives where your only worry is figuring out what reef to snorkel for the day. The sites are pure and the sounds of the ocean are soothing. If you love oceans, the Maldives is a must-visit to explore the tropical aquatic life. For a worry-free vacation, book an all-inclusive trip so there’s no need to research where to eat or where to beach.
Stockholm, SwedenStockholmCity dwellers consider Stockholm a European gem. The streets are clean, safe and easy to navigate. Stockholm is beautiful all year round, especially during winter when the medieval-style buildings are dusted with snow. Explore one of many bookshops, or take the “Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo” book tour. The only downfall to Stockholm is the prices, especially for alcohol. Expect to pay around 10 Euro for one beer.
TibetiStock_000000754597_SmallIf you enjoy nature, seclusion and spirituality, visit Tibet. Most of the grandiose lakes and mountains have a story that connects to universal principles. Refresh your spirit at the one-of-a-kind Yamdrok Lake, a holy lake where natives and the Dalai Lama completed pilgrimages. Locals believe the goddess, Dorie Gegkyi Tso, guards this sacred lake. Another worthwhile sacred site includes Mount Kailash, where, according to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva resides and meditates on the mountain with his wife, Parvati.
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