March 04, 2020 3 min read

When people say pyramids, often the first thought is the dusty sands of Egypt. However, there are some absolutely incredible pyramids in Mexico, Peru and other parts of South America too. Mexico, in particular, has both Aztec and Mayans sites to visit. There are dozens of Mexican pyramids, with both popular sites and lesser-known options too. If you’re thinking about visiting the pyramids in Mexico, here are some top tips on where to go and what to do while there.

the mexican pyramids are some of the best in the world


Plan Out Which Mexican Pyramids You Most Want To Visit

Because there are so many pyramids in Mexico to visit, you’ll want to do a little research and planning before you go. Teotihuacan is one of the most popular Mexican pyramids. It’s just 40km from Mexico City, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is absolutely enormous. The landscape around the place is lush with vegetation and there are plenty of tour or solo travel options. The highlights of Teotihuacan are the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, which you can climb to take in the wonderful surroundings. If you want to go even higher, there are hot air balloon rides that give you a real bird’s eye view. Other popular Mexico pyramids include the Temple of Kukulkan, The Pyramid of the Magician (Uxmal) and the towering Nohoch Mul pyramid (Coba). 

hot air balloon over the pyramids in mexico

Don’t Forget The Smaller Mexican Pyramids

While the biggest Mexico pyramids are the ones most often visited, there are plenty of other gems to discover without the crowds. Look beyond the blog lists and head straight tothis epic Wikipedia entry of pyramids in Mexico and South America. You’ll be able to see some limited images, do some homework and plan to discover places otherwise left. Like with most travel, a little adventure and outside the box thinking can deliver your best memories and experiences.

Pick The Right Times To Visit

Like any tourist sites, there are plenty of people wanting to visit the pyramids in Mexico. One thing to remember is that Sundays are often free for Mexican nationals, so are nearly always the busiest days. It also pays to look at the biggest tours and see when they plan to arrive. Often, they’ll start to arrive a good hour or more after official opening times. For example, Teotihuacan opens at 9am, but the buses don’t start showing up until around 10-10.30am. Pick the right times and you might score the pyramids in Mexico almost empty.

go at the right times and the mexico pyramids can be very uncrowded

Dress For Humidity and Heat

Mexico is generally a hot, humid country. That means if you’re visiting the pyramids in Mexico, you’ll need to dress accordingly. However, it’s probably best to stay clear of short shorts and singlet tops. The Mexican pyramids are often sacred sites, so a little modesty will signal you’re respecting the culture of the country. Think loose, breathable shirts and you’ll be good. Good shoes are also a must. You’ll be doing plenty of hiking and climbing. Always great to pack a spare pair of socks, so everything is dry and fresh for the trip home too.  

Take Water and Sunscreen

Speaking of heat, always pack water and sunscreen when visiting the Mexican pyramids. Keeping hydrated and covered up will help you avoid sunstroke and ensure you have the energy to see the day out. Take a refillable water bottle too rather than loading up on disposable plastic bottles. Just one extra way to help keep the planet we travel beautiful for future generations to come. 

Pair Up For Photos

Anyone who goes to the pyramids in Mexico is going to want to capture the experience. However, because of the scope of the Mexican pyramid sites, selfies won’t ever get everything you want. To avoid handing your camera over to complete strangers, make sure you have a partner to exchange images. This could be someone you’re traveling with already, someone on the same tour as you, or a fellow traveler you meet on the day. 

Think About Safety

Every tourist destination has its drawbacks. Given the crowds at some of these places, those drawbacks can range from pickpocket theft, or even just the traffic while getting there. Plan your trip out to the Mexican pyramids and you’ll be able to focus more on taking in the sites than worrying about your valuables and personal safety. Think a camera strap over your wrist or, even better, an anti-theft backpack with lockable zips to store your things in. If you’re in need of the best anti-theft travel gear, head here for what Pacsafe has to offer.

pacsafe metrosafe X

Otherwise, enjoy your trip to the pyramids in Mexico. Plan things out, dress appropriately, take plenty of water and bring a little safety, and you’ll remember the experience fondly for years to come. Safe Travels.

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