How To Avoid Germs On Planes – A Simple Guide

We’re all about protecting your valuables when traveling. Normally that’s laptops, phones, or other stuff. But there isn’t much more valuable than your health. With the concern about Coronavirus, plus general flu season and colds, it’s always a great idea to stay germ free. Planes are one of the worst places for this. They’re public spaces with lots of people cycling through, plus there’s the recycled air systems and close proximity to other passengers. To help keep you healthy and avoid germs on planes, here are some proven ways to reduce your chances of infection.

Disinfect your surroundings before you sit down

It’s a great idea to carry some hand sanitizer and wipes to help you wipe things clear of germs before you settle in for your flight. Avoid germs on planes by sanitizing the hard areas first – think armrest, tray table, and entertainment screens/controls. They’re what people will have touched most during previous flights. If you really want to keep things extra crisp you can also get seat and headrest covers like this.  

Get on board healthy

Making sure you have a strong immune system is the absolute best way to stave off germs. If you’re not feeling the best and can postpone a flight then it’s often worth the hassle in the long run. The great benefit of this is that you’ll enjoy your flight more and also help ensure other passengers stay healthy by knowing they aren’t at risk from you. To keep your health at the best levels make sure you get plenty of sleep in the week leading up to your flight, stay well hydrated and eat a balanced diet. Don’t just avoid germs on planes, make sure you avoid getting sick in the first place.

Clean your hands regularly during the flight

You don’t need to get OCD about it, but make sure you regularly clean your hands after touching your seat, entertainment equipment or before food. Obviously going to the bathroom is another big one (we’ll get to that in a second). Again, hand sanitizer is great here. The importance of washing your hands to stay germ free is backed by just about every medical establishment on the planet, including the World Health Organization. Here’s a great how to guide from WHO on the best way to keep your hands clean.

Avoid germs on planes by avoiding touching surfaces in the bathroom

This might seem obvious, but hear us out. The bathroom is where the vast majority of the very worst germs and bacteria live. Not everyone is as good with hygiene as we’d like either. Avoid germs in plane bathrooms by using the seat covers provided. Use paper towels to lift lids, turn on taps and also to exit once you’re done. Obviously wash your hands thoroughly after use and wipe down the surfaces after to be kind to others. For the love of god, make sure you wear shoes too. We can’t tell you how many people we’ve seen go in there wearing just socks. Eww.

Wear a mask to avoid germs on planes. They work. 

avoid germs on planes with a face mask

There are some people out there saying that masks don’t work on planes. Actually, evidence suggests that when used correctly those who use masks are 80% less likely to get the flu. It makes sense that this would apply to other viral infections as well. But masks aren’t foolproof. That’s why we’ve put this point last. You firstly need to give yourself the best chance at keeping germ free by following the points above. If you’re going to wear a mask, look for one with at least a N95 rating, if not the best FFP3 rating. Make sure they’re also very snuggly fit. 


If you are heading on a flight soon, remember to enjoy it. This advice is all about making sure your travel experience is a positive one and that won’t happen if you’re paranoid every second. Take solid precautions then relax into the experience. 


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Until then, Safe Travels!

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