Places to Explore During Your Coronavirus Self-Isolation

As cases of the novel coronavirus continue to rise globally, people around the world are asked to stay home and practice social distancing to help stop the spread and flatten the curve.  It’s not a surprise that any non-essential travelling should also be postponed and discouraged during this time.

Work from home if possible and Facetime your friends if you need some face-to-face connections, but in the end we are all in this together.  If you’re itching to travel or escape your home (we get it! Cabin fever is real but hang in there!), check out some destinations you can visit right now in the comfort of your own home.


We’ve chosen the top 8 best museums, national parks, and live performances you can see virtually:

Remember this is only temporary! Soon we will be able to travel again and cross items off our bucket list. When that time comes, remember to sanitize and avoid germs when flying on airplanes!

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