Camera Bags

Keep your priceless gear fully protected when traveling, with the Pacsafe camera bag backpack. Regarded by many professionals as the best camera back; Pacsafe water-repellent camera bags keep your camera and other gear protected from the elements, while the patented anti-theft technology keeps them safe from opportunist thieves.  Our most popular camera bag is the Camsafe X25 Anti-Theft Camera Backpack. The camera bag has been designed with photographers in mind. Made from only the highest quality materials, including the built-in rain cover, the camera bag backpack is extremely secure to protect your gear from potential damage when traveling.  Additionally, the camera area is able to be opened up fully, enabling the easy changing of lenses and finding of all other electrical gear. There is also an internal drawstring divider feature, allowing the top and bottom camera area to be separated and open or closed individually to each other. Despite this easy access, every zipper on the bag can be easily yet securely locked down, to eliminate the possibility of theft.  Pacsafe also provides Camsafe Protective Camera Inserts that fit perfectly with each camera bag backpacks. This compatibility provides an additional layer of storage and security for your valuables. With easy organization for your DSLR and lenses inside, the high-density foam walls keep your equipment padded and well protected. The compact shape means the insert fits well inside most travel bags and large backpacks, enabling you to travel without worrying about your expensive camera equipment. 

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