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For an additional level of security when you’re traveling, combine Pacsafe anti-theft backpacks with TSA approved locks. Our luggage cable lock is a necessity when traveling if you wish to prevent your bags from being opened accidentally, or deliberately by opportunist airport thieves. Each of our locking cables is designed to offer complete security, with thicker steel cables and lightweight, yet heavy-duty locks.  The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all luggage to be able to be unlocked without the traveler being present. TSA approved locks give the TSA authorities access to your luggage with a master key while keeping it fully secure from theft. If your luggage is secured with non-TSA approved locks, the bag can be legally opened with force, which sees them cutting off the lock and leaving your belongings unprotected from others. This is why it is so important to only use TSA approved locks when traveling, such as any of the travel locks from our wide range at Pacsafe.  Our wide range of approved travel locks is all made from the highest quality materials, and provide that all-important additional layer of security when traveling. Our luggage cable lock is retractable, to fit securely and effectively around all luggage no matter what shape and size. Our steel cable locks act as a security cable, either locking the luggage to itself or another sturdy object. 

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