RFIDsafe Wallets

RFID protection is a must these days. More and more, our credit card details, passport, and ID information and more are stored on electronic chips. That makes it more convenient to pay with pay wave or go through self-check customs gates but opens us up to credit card skimming and identity theft. Having a good RFID blocking wallet, cardholder, or passport holder is the answer. RFID chips and their EMV or NFC counterparts work by storing your information that can then be accessed using radio-wave scanners. Opportunistic thieves can then potentially scan that information themselves from a short distance without you knowing and use it for themselves. While credit card companies do have extra security measures in place, it’s a great idea to get protection and travel safely.
Pacsafe RFID wallets use special materials that meet the highest industry standards and block the radio waves coming from your cards and passport. Our range of wallets for men and women, plus our slim cardholders which can fit in any normal wallet block the common 3MHz - 10GHz range for all RFID-style devices. Our best RFID wallets for men include the RFIDsafe V100 RFID Blocking Wallet which fits up to 9 cards in an organized space, has an elastic closure for extra safety, plus an anti-theft wrist strap. RFID wallets for women include the ever-popular Citysafe™ CX RFID Blocking Wallet with its stylish silhouette, wristlet strap, and phone pocket. The wristlet is a nice detail that many other wallets do not come with. It is very practical and significantly reduces the chance of someone snitching your wallet from a counter while shopping when on an overseas vacation. If you’re looking for the absolute best RFID protection, our range offers diverse options that provide the highest level of security.

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