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When looking for a backpack for school, you need something that is comfortable for long commutes, secure while around the school site, and of course, stylish. At Pacsafe, we have a great range of anti-theft school backpacks that are comfortable, protect your belongings, and are professional and sleek in design. Pacsafe anti-theft backpacks also come with the added bonus delivering complete peace of mind with their patented anti-theft technology.  Each Pacsafe school backpack and bag comes with 3 unique security features. First, the turn and lock can be used to securely hook your backpack onto another immovable object, or yourself. Second, the PopNLock security clip can be used as an extra secure buckle. Finally, the additional versatile locking cable is a visual deterrent against bag and gear thieves. You can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure at all times.  Our most popular mens bag for school is the Slingsafe LX300 Anti-Theft Backpack. With its sleek, urban and sporty design, come our full range of security travel features. Plus there is room for all of your belongings, including a padded sleeve big enough to easily protect a 15” laptop. It’s the perfect choice for campus, travel or simply day-to-day life in the city.  The Citysafe CX collection is our most popular women's school backpack for teens. With room for a 13” laptop, and other daily essentials, it’s perfect for those who love to combine security and functionality with effortless style. Move with ease from school, to dinner without having to worry about changing bags. 

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